We will help you understand how to scope for your payment platform from the Architecture through to Bank Agent interaction, Agent to customer interaction, Customer to customer interaction , Reporting and administration of your payment system.
– Mobile Payment Architecture
– Roles and Organizations
– Web Gui
– Head offices
– Branches
– Partner Banks and Trust Banksa
– Cashiers
– Trust Account
– Deleted funds and Service operator Wallets
– Transferring Money
– Searching , Sorting and Filtering
– Columns and preferences
– Exporting and Printing
– Customer Care
– User Administration
– Password Modification


We take a critical look at different markets, analyses them and help students determine the right channel to use for specific markets.
– Channel procurement
– Channel Provisioning
– Dstk/ussd/sms alignment
– Testing


We tailor your needs to the Information Technology requirements for entire set up of your payment system, whether banks lend or Teleco led. We take a a critical look at Server procurement process to purchase and documentation , installation and testing to ensure that security of your information systems with regard to your payment system is properly configured.
– Server procurement
– Purchase processing
– Server installation and configuration
– Bringing of system to OS level
– Application Installation
– Test environment readiness
– Installation and configuration
– Server optimization and third party interfacing
– Sign off documentation


A lot goes into call center costing and implementation especially for mobile payments. Different models require different needs. You can have the best product in the market but if customers do not have any help line then your business will not have a life line. We know how to set up the entire Mobile payments customer care centers to cater for the mobile payments customers to ensure a 24/7 service. We are the experts in outsourcing and in house call centre set up.

– Access code Finalization and set up SMS, VOICE
– IVR – design, scripting and testing
– Organisation structure – work station /shift structure
– Helpdest operating procedures
– Customer Care business processes
– Training of Trainers and customer care representatives
– User rights definition
– End to end testing


Over time the biggest mistake that has been made in mobile payments system set up is not taking Agency Structuring into consideration during scoping. Agents hierarchy structure is the most important in system set up. The interaction of Agents with Banks, customers and themselves in electronic value movement and liquidity management determines the success of any payment system.

– Agency Hierarchy structuring on the payment gateway
– Agency Hierarchy Creation on the payment gateway
– Agency Cash in procedure
– Agency Cash out procedure
– Agency Self Care
– Agency Handset and Web Gui Interaction
– Agency liquidity Management via web


Once the Agency hierarchy or hierarchies are set on the payment gateway this will facilitate excellent recruitment processes for any model whether bank led or Telco led. The training focuses on the best way to ensure that an agent goes through a seamless recruitment process from documentation collection through to contract preparation and banking of electronic value.

– Agency pre recruitment orientation program
– Agency recruitment Guidelines structuring
– Agency Recruitment Criteria
– Agency recruitment forms formatting
– Agency Tracking Tools
– Agency Criminal checks and control
– Agency Legal advisory and contract preparation
– Agency Contract development and printing
– Agency Contract signing and Induction


This is the process of Agency preparation for trade. The training takes you through the necessary steps in getting to the Agency outlets wherever they are, delivery of branding material, shop branding, outlet training and all the preparation that goes into ensuring that the agency staff are equipped to receive the customers , educate them and enroll them into the payment system.

– Agency outlet branding
– Agency outlet Training
– Agency outlet Merchandising
– KYC and AML Training
– Agency Outlet Liquidity Management
– Agency Outlets reports and Records


The agency store needs to be ready for the first customer. We value the first customer because once impressed, word about your payment system will reach millions. We train on subscriber readiness in terms of registration requirements, speed of registration process, give aways and general education documentation.

– Subscriber Registration form development
– Subscriber Business processes
– Subscriber Education


The reason for setting up your payment system is not only financial inclusion but also profits; successful payments systems like M-PESA are tailored in such a way that financial reconciliation is real time. This ensures that electronic value in the entire system is reflected in finance reports in realtime which mirrors to the cash held in trust accounts in the trust banks. We are keen to train may companies on how to do this to ensure that the risk of losing money is completely eliminated.

– Finance Reconciliation and Settlement
– Risk Assessment
– Risk Monitoring and Review
– Fraud Monitoring
– Preparation of Regulatory Transaction Reports


There is normal marketing and communications and there is mobile money transfer marketing and communications. Mobile money transfer needs to have its own dedicated team dealing with language translations, below the line and above the line activations etc. We know the importance of tailoring the launch proposals to the various markets, what needs to be done to capture the market and are keen to get this information to our trainees.

– Above the line Activation
– Below the line activation
– Branding
– Give away development and readiness


Pilot phase of mobile money transfer or any payment system is very important in order to get a clear view of product launch. We Train on how to identify a pilot group, the budget, the process implementation, pilot materials and so much more to make your pilot meaningful and get the best out of it in readiness for launch.

– Payment Gateway Backend testing
– Integration ( sim) testing
– Communication
– Piloting


Launch preparations include closure of your pilot phase. How do you close down a pilot? How do you analyze pilot success? How do you get all the customers out of a system they love to use? How do you transition to launch? How do you get agents to deposit cash, Training needs, sim readiness. Our professional team was involved in closure of M-PESA pilot and launch preparations.


This is the ultimate mark of success for any company entering into this complicated yet rewarding venture. Launch requires extensive preparations. The launch event, the Agents recruitment and readiness, subscriber readiness, the branding materials, marketing communication for below the line and above the line.. we are experts in mobile money transfer and payments launch preparations . We have done it before and now bring you the know how.