MMT Academy is the subsidiary of Red Ant International Company that offers consultancy for Agency Structuring, Recruitment and Management. Red Ant International formed the Academy in order to face one of the biggest challenges of this industry which is a lack of skills.

The deployment and operations of Mobile Money solutions requires a diverse set of skills almost never present in one individual or in one company. Diverse knowledge and experience is needed covering the areas of Payment system scoping and Development all the way to Agency Trading in order to successfully deploy mobile financial services.

In order to grow the industry, it is critical that we should produce more and more skilled professionals that can build companies and run operations. MMT Academy is keen to create experts in the field of Mobile Money Transfer

What We do

We offer online and on site training to individuals and corporations interested in mobile money deployments. We tailor our courses to the needs of individuals and companies depending on areas of need.

How we do it

Our courses contain flexible content that is tailored to the needs and offered online through webex, and skype and onsite or offsite at our resident training rooms.

Mission Statement 

The mission of The Academy is to educate students by implementing a core curriculum of Mobile Payments payment Gateway development, Agency Structuring and Management, Fraud Control together with Customer acquisition and finance reconciliation and by involving companies and sponsors in the educational process.

Vision Statement

The vision of The Academy is to provide students and Trainers with innovative teaching tools and methods so that together they create an academy that will develop consultants who are competent, confident, productive, and who possess the habits, skills and attitudes necessary to succeed in the Mobile Payments businesses and find satisfying employment and succeed in life. A complete education is built not only on a solid academic foundation but also on an approach that encourages character development.

Technology Statement

Technology is an important part of the everyday functioning of the classroom at The Academy. Technology is viewed as multi-functional. It is to be used by the Trainers and students as a means of instruction and presentation. Students can use the technology to acquire information, conduct investigations and synthesize the information to meet specific educational goals or projects.