In this race to bring financial inclusion to unbanked people with most companies using greed for money as the basis of their product roll out.. they are currently planting orange trees in readiness to get a good yield of mangoes.

The only way to reach financially excluded people in the world in todays date is through a simple China made phone( who doesn’t love those cheap locally available shiny chinese phones??)  And to do this only Mobile Money Transfer systems will provide for these services until the unbanked populace understand that all you need is their valuable asset – the phone.
The reason why am writing this is because…  mobile money transfer companies are making a huge mistake of purchasing mobile banking platforms for mobile money transfer, and that is why they will never see any significant success in deployment of the service.

The vendors of the mobile banking platforms as usual come and dump their non conforming platforms that are modification of airtime distribution systems.. after all Africa is the dumping ground.. and as long as something is from the west…it must be good

I applaud Stanbic IBTC, Paga, and others for striving to have an inhouse platform …Keep going keep strong…eventually you will get there…

Financial Inclusion for all….  see you there

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