I fell in Love with the mobile phone years ago …or we say in Lagos meaning way way back..this English:) That was when I first saw a neighbor with a huge phone( size of the current Galaxy note). History repeats itself..first there was this huge mobile phone with initials KP &TC meaning Kenya Post and Telecommunications — we have come from far.. then the size reduced with class…to small Nokia phones…then again human being realised that bigger is better …and Ipad, Iphone…. Steve Jobs…God bless your soul…we went to HTC sensation, Desire… things got a little sexy here and now the big thing is …Galaxy Note…this phone reminds me of my neighbors KP&TC  fred Flintstones mobile phone:)
Does size matter???? no! as long as its a mobile phone.
I fell more and more in love with this gadget…and when M-PESA was introduced by Susie Lonie and Nick Hughes in Kenya, I was completely, deeply, hopelessly in love… thats the love that built M-PESA…
Whats the point ? you ask… the point is this is the easiest way to deliver the financial inclusion dream… Kenya has struck oil, Konza city is on track…..
I see the mobile phone playing a very huge role in our economy in the coming decades… The mobile phone through M-PESA has put Kenya on a good Map.. we are normally known for hunger and starvation, biggest slum in Kenya, corruption… Look at us now !! We have won awards…we have empowered our people..we are the Mecca of Mobile Money… We dont just have elephants and Zebras….we have M-PESA!
Everyday they ask… how come the others are not as successful as M-PESA ? The world Unbanked need M-PESA replica but how do we plan to achieve this especially in West Africa. Dont tell me that its different… its not .. there might be slight differences but the road is the same… all we need to do in West Africa is take time to learn… Kenya is willing to teach you…are you ready to listen? Are you ready to go through Agency Structure building? Route to Market? Paygw configuration ?
Go to Iceni Mobile…the makers of M-PESA. Talk to Susie Lonie.. the perfect Mobile Money Project Manager… J Barasa on how the agency shops should be branded and trained…and Catherine is waiting to take you through Agency structuring, recruitment and Management…… till then …we might have to continue singing M-PESA ,…M-PESA…….
its my opinion:)

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